Nov 26, 2017

Ask Me Anything about Entrepreneurial Mindset & share What do you think is it exactly?

Nov 27, 2017

I QUIT MY CAREER LAST YEAR TO TRAVEL THE WORLD & PURSUE MY DREAMS! Hi, I'm Cooper Read, Founder of Journey Well, and Brand Ambassodor for the exciting new social media platform for adventurers and travelers, Upventur! In less than one year I went from being miserable in my career as a Certified Surgical Tech, to making a living traveling the world! And I'm on a mission to show other dreamers with world travel aspirations how they can make their dreams a reality! This isn't digital nomad, e-commerce, e-trading, and a sales pitch. This is straight travel lifestyle and making a living based on passions and a love for adventure. I practice minimalism and have found ways to depend less on money to survive so that the money I do make goes to creating and collecting new and exciting travel experiences. Also, find out how I spent 6 weeks in Mexico with only $176 US!! I've used social media to network with people and businesses all over the world and have been invited to stay with friends in some remote and exotic parts of the planet! I am hosting content collaborations, meetups, and workshops in January and March 2018. I have amazingly successful influencers, founders, and CEOs joining me to teach you the tools necessary to be a social entrepreneur, paid world traveler, and how to create more FREEDOM in your life! We'll be in the in the wildly diverse and hip ski town of Taos, New Mexico in January and on the sunny, tropical, jungle-esque beaches of Tulum, Mexico in March! ASK ME ANYTHING!

Hello, my name is Alex Hargrove. I'm an attorney by trade (WLU Law '11) but serve as CTO of a startup (NetLaw - we've raised over $10 million) that I co-founded 6 years ago after building a virtual law platform that won national recognition by the American Bar Association in 2012. I'm passionate about technology and using it to empower users/consumers to take critical legal matters, like planning their estate, into their own hands. Ask Me Anything related to law and technology, and it's application in verticals from financial services to healthcare; and, particularly as it relates to my primary interest of late, non-profits and planned giving.

Nov 29, 2017

Wrig Nanosystems AMA

Web-Design vs. Convertion: how are they related? - Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything About Content Marketing, PR And Personal Branding


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