Once I was homeless, then I went on and became CEO of multiple internet businesses to much success - Ask me anything about my rags to business journey

Dagmawi Belay
Nov 9, 2017

Hey there people of AMAFeed and fellow CEOs or those looking to startup their own business. My name is Dagmawi Belay, founder and CEO of Carcela.com an internet used car sales platform based in the UK.

Carcela.com was founded to make buying and selling cars much easier and its all done via the digital highway, pun intended.

The journey to setting up and running carcela.com was anything but easy. At a moment in time of my life, I only had a park bench and ambitions for company.

With tenacity, and a bit of serendipity I stared uncertainty in the face and defeated its negative surge. To date I've co-founded and sold one company for $XXX,000,000 and have had another not go as well, resulting in closing up shop. Carcela.com is currently my third venture and it is going excitingly well. 

Feel free to ask me anything about my journey.

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