How Numerology & Astrology. The Science of Light Will Guide You In Wealth => Balance <= Health Zeneth Culture ~ Your Numbers Your Journey Founded by Stanley Tsiamoulis (aka, Stan Lee) The Spiritual Entrepreneur An Awesome Culture of People Discovering How Numerology & Astrology. The Science of Light Will Guide You In Wealth => Balance <= Health "I feel the earth needs a fresh awakening change. Using the magic of numbers, allow me to guide you along your journey." ~ Stanley Tsiamoulis Ask Me Anything!

Stanley Tsiamoulis (aka, Stan Lee) The Spiritual Entrepreneur
Nov 21, 2017

Discover Your ESP Code (Essence, Soul & Purpose)To Finally Access The Secrets of The Universe!

"As Above So Below. Discover How The Sun, Moon And Planets Show. That Your Date of Birth Shines A Glow. Using Numbers To Align Your Flow."

~ Stanley Tsiamoulis

Life Coaching & Business Coaching With The Ancient Esoteric Wisdom of Numerology & Astrology To Bring You A Holistic Personal Development Plan To Wealth => Balance <= Health

* Zeneth =

> Reach for the top. The Ascension. The Pinnacle

> Understand the Celestial stars in a simple, fast and accurate method with The ESP Code.

> Bridging heaven and earth. Making your dreams become a reality.

* Culture =

> A community/hub, group of people who aspire for holistic approach to life of Wealth => Balance <= Health

> Movers and shakers who want reform and make a change from heart-based values.

> Elevate and Collaborate and manifest your magical ideas. To then share to the four corners of earth as an entrepreneur in the digital economy.Be the Producer.

Stanley's Aim For Humanity

To help, nurture, and guide people away from confusion and problems and towards the desire to seek solution's fast in line with their life's purpose.

The Secret To Unlock This Solution Begins With the SSS:

* Simplicity/Vision (11)

* Speedy/Action (22)

* Synchronicity/Guidance (33).

You Then Tap Into The Ability To Stay In This Zone To Magically Manifest Whatever You Wish!

* The Vision (11) of Zeneth Culture

"Attract 10 Million People Seeking To Spiritually Ascend."

* The Action (22) of Zeneth Culture

"Build A Strong Foundation With Practical Education."

* The Guidance (33) of Zeneth Culture"

Elevate The Community To The Four Corners of Earth.



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how do you deal with criticism?

Nov 22, 10:06PM EST0

Do you think our past plays a big role in our future?

Nov 22, 10:22AM EST0

what inspires you the most in life ?

Nov 21, 6:18PM EST0

What happened to make you start this journey?

Nov 21, 3:41PM EST0

How is this different from Buddhism?

Nov 21, 11:44AM EST0

What kind of personality do you like to coach?

Nov 21, 5:29AM EST0

Greetings James

I like to coach all people who are open to learning. I am an advocate of we are all teachers and students in life everyday. 

As I know how to maximize the combinations I can customize my coaching to each individual according to their traits.


Nov 21, 9:07AM EST0

Thank you, Stanley. Do you have a twitter account I can follow?

Nov 22, 5:01AM EST0

Can your practice be useful for businesses?

Nov 20, 8:58PM EST0

Greetings Nicz

Off-course. Profile matching to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses is a dream come true for CEO's and HRM managers. 

Time means everything in business. Being productive will save time. Time saved is money saved.

Also, maximising days according to your numbers, and planning events, seminars, travel trips is crucial.

It's all about the combinations.


Nov 21, 9:04AM EST0

What is so interesting about your numerology?

Nov 20, 6:38PM EST0

Do you plan to carry these principles with you until the day?

Nov 20, 11:25AM EST0

Greetings Mvidal

These principles have been around since the birth of the celestial planets. I have just happened to access their powers. I plan to reach 10M people, my friend.


Nov 21, 8:57AM EST0

How do you plan to make young people understand your principles?

Nov 20, 10:53AM EST0

Greetings Paulynna

The initial steps of The ESP Code (Essence | Soul | Purpose)

1. Learn

2. Live

3. Love 

Can be applied by all ages. The  4 numerical code system shows the simplicity in this method.

Having a reading done or getting the book is a great 1st step. see zenethculture.com and the tabs on the header.


Nov 21, 8:52AM EST0

Do you have proofs that can attest to the effectiveness of such practice?

Nov 20, 10:46AM EST0

Greetings Maureen

You can view my You Tube channel here:


You can listen to my podcast here:



Nov 20, 8:39PM EST0

Why are people so eager to know today what the future beholds for them?

Nov 20, 5:44AM EST0

Greetings Vlatko

Awesome question

1. Fear

2. Greed

3. Indecision

People should not so much focus on the future. More so in the present in how to manoeuvre their journey in life day by day. 

The goal or vision in the future can always be manifested when you tap into your creativity and provide value for people. Step by step my friend.


Nov 20, 8:35PM EST0

What made you have a turnaround from the previous career?

Nov 20, 5:21AM EST0

Greetings Zack

My journey has been transformational in that I have always been a seeker and have the entrepreneurial drive. (refer to Stan-Lee.com)

I am a student and teacher of life. Approach matters with as less as ego as possible and mould my career according to the energies that are placed upon earth. Hence Knowing Thyself is of utmost importance to mould and grow your own journey in life.


Nov 20, 8:30PM EST0

Who do you plan to recruit to your circle and what benefit could they get?

Nov 20, 4:50AM EST0

Greetings Marsha

It not so much recruit. Rather grow an organic community of 10 million people who want to Elevate and Collaborate. The benefit is the 3 steps of Learn > Live and Love your ESP. This enhances your psychology, physiology and biology. Everything to the smallest atom is numbers.


Nov 20, 5:07AM EST0

Why should we practice numerology when we have self-confidence?

Nov 20, 3:43AM EST0

Greetings Eleyn

Self confidence is great.  You can enhance this and achieve self mastery when you keep seeking.


Nov 20, 5:05AM EST0

Is it easy to convert the non-practicing individual to your practice?

Nov 20, 3:41AM EST0

Greetings Ivy

What I say to people is to measure is to treasure. Meaning test The ESP Code on yourself and those around you. Numbers are everywhere in the cosmos. Once you see the speed and accuracy it's not so much a conversion, rather a way of being and as a tool to help in life.


Nov 20, 5:02AM EST0

What was the beginning of your journey?

Nov 20, 1:39AM EST0

Greetings Sonia

My journey began like all of us on earth. The day we were born. I began to seek and still have from a very young age. This eventually led me to create The ESP Code. 

"The first most important step in life is the day you were born. The awakening first most important step is the day Numbers show you WHY you were born.”  ~ Stanley Tsiamoulis, (aka, Stan Lee) "The Spiritual Entrepreneur".


Nov 20, 4:59AM EST0

Is there something you can do to an apparently undesirable numerology reading?

Nov 20, 12:26AM EST0

Greetings Heenal

* yes you can do prayers and focus on the positive to manifest . B

Nov 20, 2:40AM EST0

Can numerology also guide the Christians?

Nov 19, 1:50PM EST0

Greetings Agnesph. Numerology can guide all people. It is a derivative of Astrology.  And astrology and astronomy go hand in hand.  The Jupiter & Venus conjunction known as The Bethlehem Star.

1 A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2 She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. 3 Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his heads. 4 His tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the moment it was born. 5 She gave birth to a son, a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron sceptre…— REVELATION 12:1-5

Nov 19, 6:33PM EST0

How can I take benefit of Numerology & Astrology? Can you give me some magical numbers that can change my life?

Nov 19, 12:07PM EST0

Greetings Fatema. 

It's not about magical numbers. It is about understanding your essence, soul and purpose via your date of birth. Psychology, character, identity. 


Nov 19, 6:40PM EST0

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