Hello, my name is Rotich, I am an Information science expert and I have been working hard to ensure the society is enlightened through the motto "Information is Power". Get to know how now of you Ask Me Anything.

Oct 11, 2017

Over a century now, Africa at large has been one of the cummunities that has the largest population of misinformed individuals, an for how long will this be the case, radio and Tv has been one of the major ways through which the society gets informed other than school. Most of the people in rural settlement fail to understand the best ways of making use of these platforms to keep them up-to-date as far as information is concerned.

I have been putting effort so as to reach this communities and make them know how to be informed, feel free engage me and you will get to know how.



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How long have you been working on this project? Do you have other projects coming up? What are your goals? 

Oct 10, 8:47PM EDT0

For about half an year now.

Oct 11, 8:34AM EDT0
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Thanks Caroline, let me check it out.

Oct 11, 8:34AM EDT0

What is your educational and professional background?

Oct 10, 3:00PM EDT0

I am an Infirmation Scientist.

Oct 11, 8:33AM EDT0

how far out do you plan ahead

Oct 10, 12:02PM EDT0

I plan to reach entire Africa and meet the most neglected communities.

Oct 11, 8:33AM EDT0

What kind of subjects are you teaching or talking about?

Oct 10, 11:21AM EDT0

I teach them on how they should understand the best way if accessing informationa and the importance of being informed.

Oct 11, 8:32AM EDT0

What exactly do you do to enlighten people?

Oct 10, 4:03AM EDT0

I reach them and help them understand the best way if accessing informationa and the importance of being informed.

Oct 11, 8:11AM EDT0

Are you on facebook or twitter?

Oct 10, 2:26AM EDT1

I am on Facebook and Twitter, my Twitter handle is @rotichleonard4

Oct 11, 5:25AM EDT0

Do you have any links that you can share about your project?

Oct 9, 10:32PM EDT0

At the moment no, but soon enough I will be able to share them.

Oct 11, 8:10AM EDT0

Are you working in TV or the media?

Oct 9, 10:29PM EDT0

No, I am not working in either of the two 

Oct 11, 5:26AM EDT0

I don't understand. Can you tell me a bit more about what your project is?

Oct 9, 7:52PM EDT0

It is basically about improving dissemination of information to neglected groups.

Oct 11, 8:09AM EDT0

What exactly is this AMA all about?

Oct 9, 6:35PM EDT0

Please read the content, I am sure you will understand it.

Oct 11, 8:08AM EDT0

Do you hold lectures to people?

Oct 9, 6:04PM EDT0

Yes I do, I meet them in their social meetings and churches.

Oct 11, 8:07AM EDT0

Where do you live and what do you do workwise?

Oct 9, 4:11PM EDT0

I live in Kenya and I just completed school.

Oct 11, 8:07AM EDT0

How do you educate people and how do you reach them?

Oct 9, 2:34PM EDT0

I reach them through their social groups and church meetings.

Oct 11, 8:06AM EDT0

What is the inspiration behind this project? Who are your biggest supporters?

Oct 9, 12:46PM EDT0

The rural community is my biggest supporters since they provide me with information on what challenges they face.

Oct 11, 8:06AM EDT0

What kind of projects have you created so far to make information accessible to the rural community?

Oct 9, 12:11PM EDT0

I am working on a web-based applications that will see the rural community access information through mobile phones.

Oct 11, 8:05AM EDT0

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