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Umeh Augustine
Nov 12, 2017

Umehwrites media offers creative publicity on social media. With years of experience and satisfied clients, we continue to create a mark in the digital media space.

We use digital and social media platforms to reach vast or targeted audience.

With over 1 million reach on twitter, over 500,000 reach on Facebook,  blogs (NG Papers) influential handles on instagram, BBM/WhatsApp blast, Email blast, phone numbet blast, Search engine optimization SEO, and more, we influence and get your event, goods, service etc in front of people who may be interested in what you have to offer.  

We have worked with major brands, companies and individuals who appreciate and are satisfied with our service, and also return as well as refer people to us.

Working with UmehWrites media is a sure way of getting your social media needs solved. 

Contact details :

Email: Umehoma@gmail.com

Phone: +2347065139669.

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